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4DOS Documents


This is a collection of 4DOS / 4NT 4OS2 documents and text material I found on JP Software's server, where they may be no longer available, as well as third-party contributions.



  English      German      Italian 


English 4DOS documents


Reference texts formerly found on JP Software's server. 

  • website.txt           Webmaster's FAQ

  • history.txt           List of changes in recent builds

  • timeserv.txt          List of Time (NTP) Servers

  • ordform.txt           FAX or Email Order Form

  • whatsnew.txt          What's new in 4NT 6.00 and Take Command 6.00

  • license.txt           JP Software License Agreement

  • jphello.txt           Support Forum document: "jp-hello"

  • jpserver.txt          Support Forum document: "jp-server"

  • ibmansi.txt           IBM's ANSI x3.64 PC implementation summary

  • mswinerr.txt          Sample list of common Windows system messages

  • online05.txt          The Prompt Solution Online, Newsletter #5

  • new0106.txt           What's new in 4DOS 7.0, 4NT 4.0, Take Command/32 3.0

  • online04.txt          The Prompt Solution Online, Newsletter #4

  • jp4dos.inf            Win32 Registry Extensions for 4DOS - Installation File

  • jp4dossc.inf          Win32 shortcuts for 4DOS - Installation File

  • jp4nt.inf             Win32 Registry Extensions for 4NT - Installation File

  • jp4ntsc.inf           Win32 shortcuts for 4NT - Installation File

  • jptc32sc.inf          Win32 shortcuts for TCMD32 - Installation File

  • jptcmd32.inf          Win32 Registry Extensions for TCMD32 - Installation File


These are some older, 3rd party files:


  • 4DOS V.3.00 QIF       Quick Information File for 4DOS 3.00 by JP Software

  • 4DOSREF               4DOS 3.00 Reference von Mike Arst Version 1

  • 4DOSREF2              4DOS 3.00 Reference von Mike Arst Version 2. These are 2 versions of a reference file made with txt2com.com and com2exe.exe and lzexe.exe. This was another start at integrating help in 4DOS, which didn't make it into the distribution version.

  • 4DOS 3.03 Help NG     4DOS 3.03 Help in Norton Guide format.

  • What is 4DOS?         A frequently given answer to the question "What is 4DOS?" by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard

  • 4DOS MINIFAQ          A frequently given answer to the question "What is 4DOS?" by Eric Pement 1999

  • 4DOS.INI              2 files explaining the 4DOS.INI settings for 4DOS V.5.nn by Urs Mellini and 4DOS V.6.nn by Helmut Harnisch

  • 4DOS_BTM              DOS V. 3 batch example with some clever tricks by Mike Arst

  • 4DOS Guide            Downloadable 4DOS Installation Guide with some useful tips. - by W. & L. Allen. See my own 4DOS Installation FAQ for comparison. The Allens' guide is focused on running an occasional 4DOS instance beside Command.com, my FAQ about running primarily 4DOS with the possibility to run command.com if needed.


German 4DOS Documents


  • 4DOS-KURS             Der deutsche 4DOS Kurs aus dem FIDO-Netz, von Stefan Petri 1994. Die urspr�ngliche Version finden Sie hier hier.

  • 4DOS-EINF�HRUNG       Link auf eine gelungene Einf�hrung in 4DOS von G�nther Sch�ttiger, 1998

  • 4DOS-TIPS zu V.5.n    Interessante Tips und Beobachtungen zu 4DOS V. 5.nn von Matthias Paul, 1997


Italian 4DOS Documents


  • 4DOS-FAQ              Italian FAQ (Frequently asked questions)for 4DOS 5.5 by Fabio Ferrero 1996


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