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      ; JP4NT.INF
      ; 15-Jun-2001
      ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      ; Customizes a few Windows NT/2000 (and 95/98/ME) functions to best
      ; take advantage of features provided by JP Software's 4NT command
      ; processor:
      ; 1.  Creates a new "4NT Prompt here" entry in the context menu of
      ;     drives and directories.  Selecting that option will launch 4NT
      ;     in that drive or directory.
      ; 2.  Provides an additional "open" option in the context menu of
      ;     all batch files (.BAT, .CMD, and .BTM), to run the file with
      ;     4NT.
      ; 3.  Extends Windows' definition of a "batch file" to include *.BTM
      ;     files.  If you want the ability to double-click on a *.BTM to
      ;     execute it, you have several options, including:
      ;     a.  Make "Open with 4NT" the default action for file type
      ;     "batfile".
      ;     b.  Change the default action (typically set to "%1") to
      ;     invoke 4NT.
      ;     For either option, if you prefer not to deal directly with the
      ;     Registry Editor (REGEDIT), it's best if your system is
      ;     configured so that you can edit the Properties of file type
      ;     "batfile" by opening an Explorer Window ("My Computer", for
      ;     example) and selecting "View", "Options", then "File Types".
      ;     If you don't see an entry for "MS-DOS Batch Files" or the edit
      ;     options are unavailable, and you prefer not dealing with the
      ;     Registry directly, see file "jpbatch.reg" on our Web site (in
      ;     the "Directory of ASCII Files").
      ; 4.  Includes itself among the features that can be "uninstalled"
      ;     via the Windows Control Panel.
      ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      ; TO INSTALL THESE CHANGES:  Make sure this file is in the same
      ; directory as 4NT.EXE, right-click on the file name from a
      ; Windows Explorer window, and select the "Install" option on the
      ; popup menu.
      ; TO REMOVE:  Use the Control Panel's "Install/Remove Programs"
      ; tool.
      ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      REMOVE_DESC = "JP Software 4NT Registry Extensions (remove only)"
      PRODUCT = "4NT"
      LONG_NAME = "4NT Prompt"
      RUN_STRING = "4NT.EXE"
      DESC_STRING = "&4NT"
      JP4NT.INF = 55
      55 = "","",1
      Signature = "$CHICAGO$"
      Provider = "JP Software, Inc."
      AddReg = Registry.Add, Uninstall.Add
      CopyFiles = CopyFiles.Inf
      DelReg = Registry.Add, Uninstall.Add
      DelFiles = CopyFiles.Inf
      AddReg = Registry.Add, Registry.AddNT, Uninstall.AddNT
      CopyFiles = CopyFiles.Inf
      DelReg = Registry.Add, Registry.AddNT, Uninstall.AddNT
      DelFiles = CopyFiles.Inf
      CopyFiles.Inf = 17
      HKCR,Drive\Shell\%PRODUCT%,,,"&%LONG_NAME% here"
      HKCR,Drive\Shell\%PRODUCT%\command,,,"%01%\%RUN_STRING% /k *cdd %1"
      HKCR,Directory\Shell\%PRODUCT%,,,"&%LONG_NAME% here"
      HKCR,Directory\Shell\%PRODUCT%\command,,,"%01%\%RUN_STRING% /k *cdd %1"
      HKLM,Software\Classes\batfile\shell\%PRODUCT%,,,"Open with %DESC_STRING%"
      HKLM,Software\Classes\batfile\shell\%PRODUCT%\command,,,"%01%\%RUN_STRING% /c ""%%1"" %*"
      HKLM,Software\Classes\cmdfile\shell\%PRODUCT%,,,"Open with %DESC_STRING%"
      HKLM,Software\Classes\cmdfile\shell\%PRODUCT%\command,,,"%01%\%RUN_STRING% /c ""%%1"" %*"
      HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\JP%PRODUCT%,UninstallString,,"%10%\RunDll.exe setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 4 %17%\JP%PRODUCT%.INF"
      HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\JP%PRODUCT%,UninstallString,,"RunDll32.exe syssetup.dll,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultUninstall 132 %17%\JP%PRODUCT%.INF"

also available in text/plain format

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