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Collection  of 4DOS links


Here I've collected links to 4DOS and 4DOS batch programming related material: Usenet groups, file collections, personal web pages...

These pages are simply in alphabetical order. No judgement about their content or ranling is intended here.

Links that seem to be dead.



  4DOS Resources       File collections       Personal Websites  

  4NT Plugins     


4DOS Resources

  • JP Software                 Home of 4NT, Take Command, and the freeware command processors 4DOS, 4OS2 and the defunct TC32 and TC16. The site has lately been thoroughly redesigned. You can study many versions of their old, in some respects more informative site here.
  • Wikipedia on 4DOS           The english Wikipedia entry for 4DOS
  • Wikipedia on 4DOS           The (less informative) german Wikipedia entry for 4DOS
  • Club DR-DOS Wiki on 4DOS    DR-DOS and FreeDOS user's club information on usimg 4DOS
  • JP Software's Texts         Link to former reference texts on JP Software's server.
  • Software Support Forum      JP Software support forum for their current products. 4NT and 4DOS help may be available from users here.
  • Computer Solutions          Bezugsquelle f�r die (veraltete) deutsche 4DOS Version 5.51(D). This site is gone. If anybody still has a german version of old 4DOS, I'd like to see it :-)
  • Compuserve Forum            Former (up to 1999) official support for JP Software. Gone
  • Compuserve archive          Archive files from JP Software's support forum  on Compuserve
  • Usenet Group                4DOS discussions and help
  • FIDO Archives               Yes, the die-hards of FIDO net are still alive (though barely). You can read the proceedings of the Fidomail 4dos echo  (and others) here.

File collections

  • Computerworld              4DOS related files
  • FAQTS                      4DOS entries at the FAQTS knowledge base
  • Actrix                     4DOS related files
  • BBS Achives                4DOS related files from a FIDO BBS network
  • Brado BBS                  4DOS files of a school BBS
  • Bookcase                   4DOS related files. 4DOS batches to work with Desqview on this page
  • Cavazza                    Italian site with a 4DOS FAQ and a small file collection
  • FileLibrary                4DOS related files. Dead?
  • ComputerWorld              4DOS related files
  • Garbo Archives             4DOS related files from the Garbo collection
  • Metropoli                  4DOS related files
  • Simtel                     4DOS related files and batches. Probably the oldest, biggest and most useful 4DOS file collection. You now must use the search box at the top right of their pages or the much faster FTP mirror access..
  • ZCPR33                     Latest version (3.3) of ZCPR. ZCPR was to CP/M  what 4DOS is to DOS. Interestingly written by Richard Conn, no relative of and unbeknownst to 4DOS author Rex Conn :-) . Of historical interest only in this context

Personal Websites

I use alphabetical ordering here:
  • Andrei and Yuri             A few batches and tips
  • Rainer Bahr                 Home of DescExt and DescExp. These are Windows Explorer extensions to show the contents of a descript.ion file
  • Michael Bednarek            4DOS btms, aliases and description files for musical scores.
  • Joe Caverly                 4DOS and TCC Tricks, plug-ins.
  • Norman L. DeForest          4DOS tips
  • Charles Dye                 Several batches and 4DOS-related stuff, especially his 4DOS.HLP, which is a proofread and amended version of the original 4DOS.HLP V7.50. You should get this! Several plug-ins for Take Command here.
  • Eric Farris                 A stab at "What is 4DOS?" plus assorted general DOS info :-) Now only at Wayback Machine.
  • Vincent E. Fatica           Very prolific writer of plug-ins found here.
  • Scott A. Mintz              An event-oriented Take Command plug-in. No homepage found.
  • Dewi Morgan                 3 btms and download of ndosutil.zip / unixemu.zip
  • Jonathan de Boyne Pollard   A frequently given answer to the question "What is 4DOS?"
  • Federico C. Romano          A Take Command plug-in called FEDUTILS. No homepage found.
  • G�nter Sch�ttiger           Eine kleine Einf�hrung in 4DOS (deutsch, 1998 mit Aktualisierungen)
  • Michael L. Smith            Very good 4DOS related links and materials like reviews, how-tos, links, 4DOS-aware programs etc. Also batch examples, menu systems, alias collections. A must.
  • Kristofer Sweger            Ansiplus and the 4DOS command shell. Kristofer is the author of ANSIPLUS, a powerful replacement for ANSI.SYS
  • Vladimir Veytsel            samples of 4DOS batch scripting techniques along with several useful fully-functional scripts. 
  • Mark Watkins                Some interesting btms (crypto.btm, pack'em.btm, setcolor.btm, delaged.btm, and more)


User-supplied plugins were introduced with version 7.00 of 4NT. There is a special Plugin page for them on JP-Software's site. I do not show the available plugins here any more, because of frequent changes of their contents.

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