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 4DOS Tools


Collected links to 4DOS description-aware programs of all kind and 4DOS tools.



  Editors       4DOS-Aware Programs      4NT / TCC Topics   



  • Crimson Editor    Crimson Editor is a free professional source code editor for Windows, fast and small. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for programming languages such as HTML, C/C++, Perl and Java. - by Ingyu Kang


  • EditPad Pro            EditPad Pro is a powerful and versatile editor/word processor. Designed to make text editing as convenient as possible, using EditPad Pro to edit text files will save you a lot of time and fjrustration. - by JG Software


  • Epsilon                A programmable, extensible editor. Commercial software by Lugaru. 4DOS/4NT syntax support file by Timithy Byrd is here.     

  • Textpad                An interesting editor with good 4DOS support. By Helios Software Solutions. Textpad needs the following Clipbooks for 4DOS support:

    • JPSoft.sys      updated syntax definition file used with
      Textpad editor to mirror the functionality of 4NT and
      TCMD v7.01, by Bernd Berg

    • JPSoft_old.syn  Syntax highlight file current with 4NT and TCMD as of version 6.01, by Federico Romano, 2005-03-15

    • 4DOS  2 Textpad Clip Books for 4DOS: Internal Functions and Internal Variables by Marc Scheuner and extended syntax definitions by Arjan Feddema. 1999-08-15

    • 4NT/Take Command   Additional clip libs (Internal Functions and Internal Variables) for jpsoft's 4nt/TakeCommand v6. - by Michael Applebee, 2004-09-20


  • TSE Editor             TSE is a very fine (commercial) programmable editor with btm syntax highlighting, sticky indentation, parentheses checking, 4DOS help system integration and more. My editor of choice. By Semware

    • Macros for TSE

    • TSE_BTM is a BTM syntax color template for TSE editor By Tom Bowden.

    Look for or ask at JP Software for an up-to-date keyword file for their products. This will make it easier to update this rather old file.

Other good editor choices with the ability to highlight btm syntax:

 and there are many more.


4DOS-Aware Programs

4DOS "awareness" generally means recognition, display and, ideally, support of the file descriptions stored in "descript.ion" files used by JP Software's products.

  • 4CLOCK 1.1a           4Clock is yet another TSR clock in the corner program. But what makes it different is its interface with 4DOS version 4.0 and later

  • 4D24H 1.3             4DOS24H is a replacement for the standard DOS Critical Error Handler which issues the "Abort,  Retry, Ignore, Fail ?" message. - by Patrick Philipot 1990

  • 4DESY/2               4Desy/2 v1.40 -  comfortable full-screen editor for 4OS2 file descriptions stored in DESCRIPT.ION. - by W. K�rner

  • 4DIZZY                4Dizzy is the widely-acclaimed  archive processor for both OS/2 and  DOS. It's used to import file_id.diz information into 4dos/4os2 � descriptions. - by Olli M�nnist�

  • 4HIST                 4HIST removes all duplicate lines from the current 4DOS command history list. A tiny batch file is included to automate processing. - by David Daniel Anderson

  • 4TAR                  4TAR is a French TAR for 4DOS with descriptions - v0.3b - by Fr�d�ric Herque

  • 4D24H 2.0b            4DOS24H is a replacement for the standard DOS Critical Error Handler which issues the "Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail ?" message. This is another (better?) version, completely in assembler, based on the above. - by Niels Jensen 1992

  • 4MOUSE.COM            is a DOS mouse driver to use at the command line and in batches. Used in some of these batches.

  • 4TEX                  TeX shell realized with lots of btms. Comes on 2 CDs. - by the Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep

  • ACD See               A commercial "descript.ion" aware image viewer and browser, - by ACD Systems

  • ADC                   Advanced Disk Catalogue, a "descript.ion" aware disk cataloguer. Trialware (30 days) by Elcomsoft

  • ANSIPLUS              The ANSIPLUS console device driver integrates major console elements missing from the command shell environment of DOS/Windows and the personal computer BIOS into a single compact device driver. Features include enhanced ANSI support, screen saver, scroll-back with cut 'n paste, enhanced keyboard buffer, key stuffing, key assigning, VGA register control and more, e. g. 4DOS support. One of my favourites! - by Kristopher Sweger

  • ArcMaster 1.13        A "descript.ion" aware archiver shell by New Ware Shareware 1995

  • Connect               Connect may be the best Norton Commander clone: it is a full-fledged DOS shell with a Borland-style interface supporting a powerful text editor (regexes, line-draw, formatting, syntax highlighting, vertical blocks, etc.), a multi-window hex editor, views text/dBASE/HTML files in structured format, file manager with support for 4DOS file descriptions which are preserved on file copy/move/ren, supports Win 9x/NT/2K long filenames, advanced filters, modem terminal, phone book, calendar, calculator, environment editor, CD Player(!), and more. - Freeware by Dima Orlov.

  • DescExt               4DOS Description Extension for Explorer Win95 / XP. Use and edit 4DOS descriptions in Windows Explorer. - by Rainer Bahr

  • DOS Navigator         Very extensive "descript.ion"-aware, Commander - like DOS shell with archive support, editor, calculator, spreadsheet, terminal, games and much more. Worth more than one look. Freeware open source project. By RIT Research Labs.

  • DOS Navigator Open Source Project  A project based on RIT Research Labs DOS Navigator (see above).

  • F File Manager        F is a freeware multi-platform text-mode file manager with many features. Main F functions: multiple file windows display, full support for ZIP archives, integration with built-in file viewer and editor, network support.

  • FAR Manager           FAR Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP). FAR Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: viewing files and directories, editing, copying and renaming files and many other operations. Very configurable by plugins: e.g. Description Editor, Description Extractor and Description Search. - by Eugene Roshal

  • FFIT                  Copy files to disk with best fit, 4DOS-"descript.ion" aware. - by Kai Risku

  • FFDC                  File / Folder description Center lite: integrates free description editor, and file info into Windows Explorer. Freeware, there's a more complex commercial version available. - by AAR Software Ltd

  • File Identifier       The file identifier software is a command line tool that permits identifying files as well as getting information on directories from their content (thereafter called a resource), and not simply from their file extensions (in the case of files). - by Carl Eric Cod�re

  • File, Zip and View    Canyon Software's file and archive management programs are 4DOS-aware in their Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Windows95 versions.

  • First File Descriptor  File description editor for Windows. Many features: works with archives, extracts ID3 tags from MP3 files and more. Looks good for description "power users". Demo version. There S a commercial version available. - by Green Parrots Software

  • FWIN                  FWIN is a freeware multi-platform text-mode file manager with many features. Main FWIN functions: multiple file windows display, full support for ZIP archives, integration with built-in file viewer and editor, network support.4DOS-"descript.ion" aware. - by N. D. Nguyen and Michel Normand

  • Inkutils 1.53         Freeware suite of eleven DOS, 4DOS (file description editor) and Windows 95/98  utilities. - by Marc Inkley

  • JED Macro             JED (the editor) macro for 4DOS syntax highlighting. - by Marko Mahni�

  • Magellan Explorer     A Windows Explorer replacement with lot's of additional features. 4DOS-"descript.ion" aware. - by Enriva Developement

  • Melody Master 2.1     Create, edit, and play music on your PC speaker. Creates, among other things, ready made btm beep sequences of melodies... Abandoned shareware by Shareable Software International

  • MSDOS-Descript        This module provides access to 4DOS style DESCRIPT.ION files. It can both read and write them. - by Christopher J. Madsen

  • NDN                   Necromancer's DOS Navigator plus file editor and viewer, calculator, spreadsheet and many more features. Based on RIT Labs DOS Navigator, it's freeware, open source and still under developement. - by Muxe Inc.

  • OS/2 Commander        Norton Commander clone for OS/2. 4DOS-"descript.ion" aware. Abandonware by Wolfgang Arp

  • Shez 1.09             A "descript.ion" aware DOS archiver shell. - by California Software design

  • SmilerShell 1.4       SmilerShell/1.4 is a compact yet powerful Windows 3.nn control center. It looks like a simple command line, but in reality it's more like a cross between Dashboard and 4DOS, without heavy memory requirements. Win95 version here. This fully functional SmilerShell version for Win 3.1/9x is now free. Freeware by Barry Smiler

  • STG FPP               FolderPrint Plus. Another Explorer-like app with added capabilties (print your folder contents with added info). 4DOS-"descrip.ion" aware. - by Starglider Systems

  • SuperDir              SuperDIR is an advanced but simple to use directory lister. It completely replaces the familiar DIR command issued at the DOS prompt. It has all the features of the DIR command plus a huge array of other useful features. Moreover, it still remains extremely easy to use. SuperDIR is available in 16 and 32 bit versions. - Shareware by Omnivision Technologies

  • Total Commander       Formerly Windows Commander, another Explorer replacement with many enhanced features. Many add-ons and plugins for special needs. - by Christian Ghisler.

    • lst2desc is one such tool f�r Total Commander, which puts Long File Names into descript.ion files. By Jonas Baehr

  • V File Viewer         V is a combination File Viewer, Directory Browser, File Finder and File UnZipper for Windows. Alternate site here. - by Charles Pineas

  • VGA24H                VGA24H is a replacement for the standard DOS Critical Error Handler which issues the "Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail ?" message. This is the EGA/VGA version, based on the above, adapted for VGA and different line lengths. - by Ray Tackett 1990

  • Volkov Commander      Another enhanced text-mode Commander-like shell with 4DOS-"descript.ion" awareness. Still in active development. Shareware by Vsevolod V. Volkov

  • Where Is It?          Cataloguing Software, Win 32bit, designed to help you maintain and organize a catalogue of your computer media collection, including CD-ROMs, audio CDs, diskettes, removable drives, hard drives, network drives, DVDs, or any other media that Windows can access as a drive  "Lite" freeware version available. With 4DOS-"descript.ion" awareness, - by Robert Galle

4NT / TCC related Topics

  • OpenAFS                The Andrew File System (AFS) is a location-independent file system that uses a local cache to increase its performance. They recommend using 4NT or Take Command:

"The OpenAFS 1.4 client supports UNC paths everywhere. UNC paths provide a canonical name for resources stored within AFS. UNC paths should be used instead of drive letter mappings whenever possible. This is especially true when specifying the location of roaming profiles and redirected folders.

Power users that make extensive use of the command line shell, cmd.exe, should consider using JP Software's 4NT or Take Command command processors. Unlike cmd.exe, the JPSoftware shells fully support UNC paths as the current directory. With the release of version 4NT 7.0 and Take Command 7.0, JPSoftware is adding special recognition of OpenAFS. AFS paths can be entered in UNIX notation (e.g., /afs/openafs.org/software), space utilization reports the output of the volume status for the specified path, and many AFS specific functions and variables have been added to the command language."

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