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Here are some Dos and Batch related gems I found that I could not fit anywhere else....


  • Edlin for Windows   A Must Read!
  • Smilies unlimited   Pamela Anderson as a smilie?
  • Batvirus            2 text (.txt = not executable!) files with 5 batch virii plus comments for studying. To protect these files from antivirus programs I have compressed them 2 times. To unpack the downloaded file, unrar the included file batvirus.ara, rename this to batvirus.rar and try to unrar the files batvirus.txt and bvirus.txt. You'll probably have to disable your antivirus programm at this stage because it will detect the virus code in these text files.
  • Batch Virus         Batch virus tutorial.
  • Guide to Flaming    Essential like the towel from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is this guide if you want to understand what's happening in Newsgroups like alt.msdos.batch.
  • Just Say No...      ... to Microsoft. Todd Verbeek has spent a lot of work to list alternatives to all Microsoft products. Not only for MS bashers...
  • Merlin              Dos adventure game: "At some point I decided that it would be cool to make text adventures using DOS batch file utilities. I put together this little utility to set DOS environment variables and errorlevels in response to user keyboard selections. The result I called Batch Interactive Text (BIT) Adventures." - by David Croft
  • Microsuck           "Microsoft's Really Hidden Files" for the truly paranoid :-) Concerns primarily the different Win flavours.
  • Winhistory.de       Nice german site, with some downloads (DOS versions too) and especially BOB, MS one-time view of what a user interface should be! - by Dirk Makowski
  • Download the Internet               
  • The Page At the End of the Internet 
  • Not a link but a few nice tricks:
  • for Windows XP this batch

    :: allcmds.bat

    @echo off
    %windir%\hh.exe ms-its:%windir%\help\ntcmds.chm::/ntcmds.htm

    will give you a nice command reference, while

    :: cmdhelp.bat

    @echo off
    start %windir%\hh.exe ms-its:%windir%\help\ntcmds.chm::/%1.htm

    will give you specific help for the command entered.

    For W2K a slightly different batch is needed:

    ::  allcmds.bat

    @echo off

    %windir%\hh.exe ms-its:%windir%\help\windows.chm::/ntcmds.htm

    ::  cmdhelp.bat

    @echo off

    %windir%\hh.exe ms-its:%windir%\help\windows.chm::/%1.htm

    Please note that the 2nd batch works for all the commands listed in the command reference with the exception of ren, cd, md and rd. For these commands you must use the long form r�name, chdir, mkdir and rmdir. Don't call any of these batches help.bat: there's already a help.exe in %windir\system32.


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