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4DOS Aliases, Batches, Functions and Tools


Here I have collected batches and utilities from various sources, even a few of my own which didn't make it into 4XBTM.


I don't intend to continue my "BTM Of The Month" selection. I'll add interesting (to me) aliases, batches, functions and tools here as I come across them.


           File                Description


  • 4CD                Alias / batch file system to install a fuzzy dir change. This was a great replacement for external tools like NCD, LCD etc. before Version 6 came along with this capability built-in. - by Mike Bessy 1996. Small fixes by Mark Andrews 1996

  • 4DOSBOF1      1 - 6: Collection of lots interesting btms. Origin is probably the newsgroup or the forum. Done by an Italian whose name I'd like to know. The filedates range from 1991 to 1996.

  • 4DOSBOF2      

  • 4DOSBOF3    

  • 4DOSBOF4    

  • 4DOSBOF5      

  • 4DOSBOF6      

  • 4DOSBOF7    

  • 4DUM20        Batch menu system with big digital clock and calendar. You should really take a look at the nice user interface. I've internationalized and y2k-sified the calendar :-) - by Dick Botbyl 1991.

  • 4U-BTU10      30 short beep tunes to use for alerts, errors, messages etc... - by Underwear (Josef Braun) 1997

  • 4X            Batch to start up to 4 Explorer instances in different dirs and place their windows on the desktop in an orderly fashion (needs 4NT.EXE). - by Klaus Meinhard, 2001

  • AGE2DAT       Batch to convert @fileage value to date and time. - by Vincent Fatica 1998.

  • BMI           2 batches to calculate the Body Mass Index:

    • BMICALC.BTM (in German) by Urs Mellini 1996

    • BMIC.BTM (in English, kind of) is my 4XBM adaptation and translation.

  • CHESS         CHESS..BTM allows you to play a game of chess onscreen. Nice ansi graphics, knows the elementary drawing rules (including en passant and castling), retrain your draws, and more. - by Jasen Betts 2001

  • COMPACT       Tool to compact (remove duplicates from) the 4DOS history file. - by Peter Ogden 1991

  • EXIT          Btm to make sure that the window of the last 4DOS shell under Windows isn�t closed accidentally. - by Steve Fabian

  • EZ-BTM10      A collection of more than 30 interesting batches by different authors, put together by Itamar Even-Zohar

  • Fav. Aliases  Favourite aliases, a collection by Michael Smith

  • GETOPTS       A batch file to permit case-sensitive switch parsing under 4DOS. Supports single-character option switches, string switches -cfoo, -c "foo bar"), and numeric switches. Extensive documentation and 3 sample batch files. - by Eric Pement 

  • IDENTIFIER   Attempts to identify a file. Gives full TrueType font names, full descriptions of MOD and STM files, full descriptions of most Windows files, Resolution & color depth of GIFs, PCXs, BMPs. Good partner for 4DOS. Cardware by Steve Greenspon

  • JAMBTM02      This file collection contains about 20 interesting and well-written 4DOS batches. - by Jouni Miettunen

  • MANDBROT      Btm to create an ascii Mandelbrot set ("Apfelm�nnchen") - by WARP

  • MOONY         3 btms re biorhythm and the moon's phases. - by Vincenzo Palazzo, Michael Bednarek and me.

  • PN21 V.2.01   The game  "21" ("17 + 4" in Germany) as btm. Check it out, but watch your wallet! -  by Phi Nguyen 1995

  • RANGES.ALS    Alias file add ranges to all commands... -by N.N. (Please notify me, if you know the author)

  • SCAP          Capture and restore of a text screen with color with a little help from debug.exe. This function can be useful in other batches. - by Frederick Sohn 1996

  • TicTacTo      Plays Tic-Tac-Toe Original program by Tom Koos modified by Steve North, Donald Spencer, Tim Hartnell Ported to 4DOS & all comments by Michael Bednarek, Brisbane, Australia

  • TREESIZE      Shows directory size and graphical tree from start. - by Tom Rawson, Jay Sage, Howard Goldstein and me.

  • WEBSTER       Webster dictionary lookup alias for 4DOS. 

  • WOY           2 different btms to determine the week of the year number:

    • WOY_JB.BTM by Jason Betts

    • XWOY.BTM  by Klaus Meinhard

  • YATZEE        Another nice batch to play a dice game of Kniffel / Yazzee. - by Rolf Jentsch, 2001


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