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Search Engines


There are many search engines on the web. Google and "to google" have nearly become household words. But if you have special needs, you'll have to try a a search engine that finds what Google misses.

I have listed here those that I have used and which have helped me in compiling these pages.

Links that seem to be dead.



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  Mailing List Search      General Web Search     FTP Search
 Free- and Shareware Search     P2P Search     Information Search

First of all, you can search the 4DOS.INFO website for info or changes:


Search this website


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Site Update Notification

  • ChangeNotes          seems to be the only survivor, and you have to go to their website and register your interest. I suggest you let ChangeNotes look out for changes on www.4dos.info\updates.htm because that is where I will announce all updates. But of course you can put the focus on any other page here that interests you.
  • Page Update Checker  is a Firefox Extension you can use to be notified of any updates to pages that interest you.


Newsgroup Search



Mailing List Search

  • MARC                  Mailing List ARChives, searchable and delivering some relevant hits for keywords like 4DOS, DOS, BATCH etc...


General Web Search



FTP Search

  • FileIndexer           One of the few remaining free ftp search engines.
  • Russian Filesearch    Russian free ftp search engine, interesting results.


Free- & Shareware Search

  • Simtel                Simtel's free- & shareware collection
  • Tucows                Another huge shareware collection.
  • ZD-Net                The huge free-& shareware repository of Ziff Davies 
  • Freeware              Freeware download repository.


P2P Search


Here are a few P2P clients for different file-sharing networks. Peer-to-peer networks allow searching for a wide range of applications, media files and more. This is one of your best bets to find old software with unclear legal status.

  • eMule                 eMule is a nice eDonkey-Net and KAD client. This network carries the greatest number of old abandoned DOS programs.
  • ABC                   ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent network. - by Bram Cohen.
  • KaZaa lite            Kazaa Lite is a slimmed-down variant of the Kazaa-client for the FastTrack network, without spyware, banners und pop-up ads. 2.4.8 seems to be the most stable version.


Information Search

  • Jargon File           Find the meaning of hacker slang.
  • My File Formats       A very comprehensive file extension lookup site.
  • What Is               Look up the owner of that cryptic file extension.
  • Wots It               And another file extension lookup.
  • Webopedia Definitions Search this web based encyclopedia for definitions of DOS, batch, ...



  • Amazon                 Search available books about DOS / batch programming in and out of print
  • Astalavista           Search engine specializing in more elusive files and the dark side of the web.
  • Bookfinder            Search secondhand books about DOS / batch programming
  • eBay                   is of course the biggest auction house and many old DOS hardware and software can be found here, for a price...
  • Koders                 Searching 205,234,850 lines of code in many programming languages
  • SearchEngines         Search engine specializing in search engines...
  • Library of Congress   Search for books about DOS / batch programming in the (US) Library of Congress
  • The Wayback Machine   Surf the Web as it was... The Internet Archive has built a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, it provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.


Google 's Site - Flavoured Search



Google's Site-Flavoured Search promises to produce better results by pushing results relevant to the contents of this site, e.g. Programming, Software, Operating Systems.



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