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                                              [jp-hello, updated 22-Jun-03]
      Welcome to the JP Software Support Forum!
      This forum is for support of JP Software products, and related
      This welcome message explains our forum policies, the different ways
      you can access the forum, and how to leave the forum.  Please read
      through all of the information below before using the forum.
      Message Content and Support Policies
         In this support forum we welcome discussion of all technical
         issues related to JP Software's products and consistent with
         these guidelines.  This includes technical questions, bug
         reports, suggestions, compatibility issues, and other similar
         topics.  Additional topics may be discussed as well; see below
         for details.
         JP Software provides official technical support through this
         forum.  Our general rule is to provide an initial answer to all
         technical support questions posted here within one business day,
         and in most cases our response is likely to be much faster.
         When posting a technical support question please answer the
         following basic questions:
            * Which JP Software product and version are you using, and
              under what operating system?
            * What exactly did you do?
            * What did you expect to happen?
            * What actually happened?
            * If you saw an error message or other important or unusual
              information on the screen, what exactly did it say?
            * Briefly, what techniques did you use to try to resolve the
              problem?  What results did you get?
            * Can you repeat the problem or does it occur randomly?
         If you need to discuss "branding" your JP Software products and you
         cannot explain your question without including the serial number or
         validation code, send it privately to, do not use
         the forum.
         If you post a question here you will receive answers which
         represent the best understanding we are able to gain from your
         message.  However, there is no way for us or any other forum
         member to understand every detail of your operating environment,
         and we can and do make mistakes at times.
         Therefore, it is your responsibility to test any solution or
         other information provided here to verify its usefulness and
         accuracy and assure the proper implementation in your own
         environment.  It is especially important that you do careful
         testing before implementing any solution which may delete or
         otherwise unalterably change your system or data.
         We understand that customers may want to discuss topics related
         to our products or on which other users may have expertise, but
         which are not strictly technical support issues (e.g. the latest
         release of an operating system, the best software to use to work
         with one of our products, etc.).  We welcome these discussions as
         long as they are reasonably related to JP Software products, or
         if not are very short, but we may ask you to let them end or
         continue them privately if the topic drifts too far from
         something we feel is of interest to other members.
         Please avoid using the forum for private messages (use private email
         instead) or trivial comments (e.g. "I agree" with no substantive
         additions to the discussion).
         Quoting in this forum should be kept to a minimum, and messages with
         excessive quoting will be rejected automatically by the server.
         Quote only the text you need to establish the context for your reply,
         and intersperse your comments with the quoted material.  Remember that
         other forum participants have almost certainly already read the message
         to which you are replying.
         The increasingly common practice of following your comments with
         a quote of the entire message to which you are replying is not
         acceptable here, and will almost certainly cause your reply to be
      Real Names
         We require the use of real names in this forum.
         A name must be provided when joining.  If you join with a name
         that is incomplete or obviously false we will ask you to change
         to your real name in order to remain a member, or we may simply
         cancel or deny your forum membership.
         Whether you post to the Forum via the news or email interfaces,
         please try to keep your "signature" short, typically no more than
         3 or 4 lines, and precede it by a "sigdash" or "sigsep" which is a
         line consisting of only two dashes followed by a single space, i.e.
         "-- ", without the quotes.
         The sigdash allows other programs to recognize when the body of your
         message is finished and where the signature begins. This is useful
         for automatically removing the signature when quoting for a reply,
         as well as isolating it from the relevant part of the message for
         display or archiving.  Most current mail and news clients
         automatically produce or at least recognize sigsdashes.
         Note that this is good practice for any Internet email message you
         send to anyone or post to any newsgroup.
      Prohibited Content
         Please note that the following types of messages are prohibited
         and that anyone who posts them may be temporarily or permanently
         removed from the forum, with or without warning (depending on the
         circumstances), at our sole discretion:
            * Messages which include product serial numbers or validation
              codes, any content intended to facilitate bypassing the
              lawful registration procedure of any software product, and in
              general any content considered illegal in most jurisdictions.
            * Binaries or attached files of any kind.  We will try to be
              friendly in requesting removal of "V-Cards" and other
              attachments you may not be aware of which are added
              automatically by some email software, but we do expect these
              to be removed for messages posted here.
            * Commercial postings of any type other than by JP Software
              Inc.  One-time announcements of products directly related to
              JP Software products are permitted provided they clearly
              state that they are about your product and that the product
              is not associated with JP Software Inc.  If you are unsure,
              ask for permission first via email to
            * Mass mailings or solicitations of any kind whatsoever.
            * Material which in our sole judgment is illegal, obscene,
              pornographic, bigoted, prejudiced, hateful, or otherwise
              damages the atmosphere or tone of the forum; or which is in
              our judgment otherwise inappropriate or destructive.
            * Messages cross-posted to a set of other forums, lists or
              newsgroups (except compatibility issues posted here and to a
              similar discussion area for the "other" product).
            * Harassment or personal attacks of any kind, whether directed
              toward JP Software, its staff, other forum members, or any
              other person (this does not prohibit complaints about
              our products or services, but they must be directed at what
              happened, and not at any person's character, motivations,
      Forum Access
         You can access this forum as a newsgroup, via a web interface, as
         an email list, or through any combination of these methods you
         We recommend newsgroup access as it gives you the best control
         over which messages you read, and gives you the ability to see
         the "thread" (message hierarchy) for each topic.
         The sections below explain how to use the various access methods.
         >> Newsgroup Access
               To access the forum as a newsgroup be sure you have set
               your membership to our default of "nomail" (see below),
               then use the URL:
                 or  nntp://
               If you use a news reader (such as Agent or Gravity), set
               your reader to access the server, and
               read the jpsoft_support newsgroup.
         >> Web Access
               To use a web browser to access the forum and to read and
               post messages be sure you have set your membership to our
               default of "nomail" (see below), then use the URL:
         >> Email Access
               To receive forum messages in your email be sure you have
               set your membership to "mail", "digest", or "index" (see
               below).  To post a message, send email to the forum
         >> Selecting Nomail, Mail, Digest, or Index
               Your forum membership can be one of four types.  If you
               joined the forum through our web page or other links we
               provided your initial membership type was set to nomail by
               default, and you can leve it that way unless you want to
               receive forum messages in your email.
               The types are:
                  nomail:  Receive no mail (default).  Use this type when
                           you want to access the forum via the newsgroup
                           or web interface.
                  mail:    Receive each message via email as it is
                  digest:  Receive a daily digest with all the messages of
                           the day.
                  index:   Receive a daily index of the subject lines of
                           all the messages of the day.
               To set your membership type go to the web page (see Web
               Access above), enter your email address and password, and
               select "Your Settings".  The "Status" field controls your
               membership type.
               To use an email command to change your membership type send
               a message to with a blank subject
               and one of the following single lines in the text, without
               a signature:
                     set jpsoft_support mail
                     set jpsoft_support digest
                     set jpsoft_support index
                     set jpsoft_support nomail
         For more complete "technical" details on access methods,
         passwords, and other aspects of the forum see our server
         documentation.  This file is available from our web site at:
         You can also retrieve this file by sending a message to with a blank subject and the
         single line in the text, without a signature:
               get jpsoft_support jp-server
      Leaving the Forum
         To leave the forum at any time go to the web page (see Web Access
         above), enter your email address and password, and then use the
         Leave button.  If you are signed up as a mail or digest member
         you can also use the information provided at the end of each
         message emailed to you.
         You can also leave the forum by sending an email message to with a blank subject and the following
         single line in the text, without a signature:
               unsubscribe jpsoft_support
      Legal Notices
         This is a private forum entirely owned and operated by JP
         Software Inc. ("we" or "us"), using the facilities of, a California-based Internet Service
         Provider.  Access privileges and rules are set and implemented
         by us at our sole discretion, and by, at their sole
         Your enrollment or participation in the forum indicates your
         agreement to our rules and policies, and any future changes to
         them.  If you do not agree to abide by these policies you should
         not participate in the forum.
         Comments posted to the forum are made by its members and are not
         reviewed prior to posting, and membership in the forum is
         generally open to all, except where restricted by us or by  JP Software Inc. assumes no responsibility or
         liability of any kind whatsoever for the content of messages
         posted here, or for the enrollment or removal of any member.
         Forum contents may not be redistributed by any one in any form
         without specific prior consent from JP Software except that a
         member may quote a message he or she posted to this forum as long
         as no other forum material is included.
         While we will make reasonable efforts to provide what we believe
         are accurate and useful answers to technical support and other
         questions, we make no warranty of any kind as to the accuracy or
         usefulness of information provided here.
         This service is subject to interruption from time to time due to
         a wide range of circumstances both within and beyond our control.
         We make no guarantees of any kind as to its uptime, availability,
         or continuation, or as to the delivery or timeliness of forum
         messages sent to your email address, or viewed through your
         newsgroup or web software.
      Copyright 2003, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved.  Published by
      JP Software Inc., P.O. Box 328, Chestertown, MD 21620, U.S.A.,
      phone 410-810-8818, fax 410-810-0026.
      Take Command and 4DOS are registered trademarks of JP Software Inc.
      4DOS, 4OS2, and 4NT are JP Software Inc.'s trademarks for its family
      of character-mode command processors.  JP Software,, and
      all JP Software designs and logos are also trademarks of JP Software
      Inc. Other product and company names are trademarks of their
      respective owners.

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