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                                 JP Software, Inc.
                          website.txt -- July 29, 2004
      Q: What is the proper URL for the JP Software web site?
        A: The complete address is "" with a server name of
           "".  Many browsers will allow you to omit the "http://"
           part.  You can also use our alternate ""
           name. A leading "www." can be used but is unnecessary.  Other
           access methods, such as through the numeric IP (currently
 , are available but not recommended.
      Q: What is the proper URL for the JP Software ftp site?
        A: The complete address of our public ftp site for anonymous login is
           "" with a server name of "". You can
           use a leading "ftp." as in "", but it is unnecessary.
      Q: What software is used on your server?
        A: We are using a Unix (FreeBSD) machine on which we are running an
           Apache web server. See the small print at the bottom of our
           main page for the exact version currently in use. Ftp services are
           provided by a proFTP server which supports the "RESUME" feature as
           well as both the ACTIVE (port 21) and PASSIVE ("PASV") modes.  The
           online store is using the Miva Merchant software.
      Q: What are the browser requirements?
        A: Most everything on our web pages should be accessible with most any
           browser with most any screen size. Even the graphics are always
           optional and text-only users can still read and navigate the site.
           You do not need any "plugins" or special components. In those few 
           instance where we might offer JavaScript or simple animations, 
           it is never required. We do NOT use any Java at all.  Most visitors 
           use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ or Mozilla-based browsers.
      Q: Why can't I seem able to access the Online Web Help contents?
        A: The pages under "" require a browser that
           can handle basic HTML frames. If your browser does not meet this
           very common requirements, we suggest you upgrade to a more recent
           version, but you can still view a standalone Table of Contents page.
      Q: Which Online Web Help features will I miss if I don't enable
        A: The Keywords List and the links within each topic require basic
           JavaScript (no popups or similar annoyances).  You will still be
           able to view all topics and navigate the help pages, but you will
           have to do so from the static Table of Contents. Note that the
           "non-standard" JavaScript support in some browsers such as Netscape
           4.x and Opera 6.x may need to be disabled for best viewing (current
           versions of those browsers have no such trouble).
      Q: What tools do you use to create your web pages?
        A: Except for graphics, all source material is created with a simple
           text (ASCII) editor.  The Help files (including CHM and PDF ports)
           are generated by "Help & Manual Authoring Tool", a product of EC
           Software ("").
      Q: Why are some pages different each time I view them?
        A: Many of our pages (both *htm and *.cgi) are created dynamically
           using Perl and other shell scripts.  We also take advantage of
           Server Side Includes to generate some information "on the fly".
           The "View Source" or "Save As" options of your browser will show
           you the generated code, not how it was created, of course.
           The random help link on our home page is automatically changed
           every fifteen minutes.
      Q: Can I copy the code I like?
        A: All our HTML source is copyrighted material. See our "legal.htm"
           page for details.
      Q: What personal information do you gather about me?
        A: NONE! See our "privacy.htm" page for details. The only "cookie"
           optionally used by is named "htscallerid" and is used
           solely within our Online Store so that you can keep track of your
           own shopping cart but contains no personal data.  If you want to
           see the information you are providing to our site, click on the
           small diamond at the bottom of most of our pages ("JP Software
           welcomes nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn") which will open a page showing your
           numeric IP and other relevant items.
      Q: What is ""?
        A: You may on occasion see references to "". That is the
           domain name under which we are hosting "" and others
      Q: Which JP Software pages reside on external sites?
        A: The Forum pages are provided by and reside on's site.
           The results from a "Site Search" query are provided by and reside on
 's site.  We typically have no control over and cannot
           be responsible for the actual contents or performance of those sites.
      Q: Why can't I access the JP Software site?
        A: To preserve site security, we have to deny access to IPs that fail 
           to meet basic criteria, such as if your forward and reverse DNS
           records do not match, or if your IP is blacklisted in major dependable 
           databases. Contact your ISP or network administrator if you fall into 
           one of those categories. We also implement aggressive content-based 
           dynamic "anti-spam" measures in order to reserve our bandwith for our 
           legitimate users and visitors.
      Q: What if my question is not on this list?
        A: Feel free to ask on our Support Forum.  For confidential matters,
      Copyright 2003, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved.  Published by
      JP Software Inc., P.O. Box 328, Chestertown, MD 21620, U.S.A.,
      phone 410-810-8818, fax 410-810-0026.

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