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                                              [jp-server, updated 18-Jun-03]
      Welcome to the JP Software Support Forum!
      This document explains the different ways you can access the forum
      (newsgroup, web forum, and email list).
      The last section explains in detail the commands you can send to the
      server via email to control your forum membership.
      Sending Commands to Lyris
         Many of the sections below refer to commands you need to send to
         Lyris, the server software which controls our forum.  In order to
         send a command to the server, email a message to:
         The subject of your message should be left blank, and any
         standard signature you use should be disabled.
         In the body, include a single line with the command.  For
         example, if you want to use the newsgroup or web interface, and
         stop receiving forum messages through email, send the command:
               set jpsoft_support nomail
         Some of the things you can set with commands emailed to the
         server can also be controlled with settings accessible via
         Lyris's web interface.  However in this document we cover the
         more flexible email method, as the settings accessible through
         the web interface are fairly clear from the text on the web page
         A list of some useful server commands for forum members is at the
         end of this document.  For complete details see:

      Forum Membership Types
         Your forum membership can be one of four types.  The types are:
               mail - Receive each message via email as it is contributed.
               digest - Receive a daily digest with all the messages of
               the day.
               index - Receive a daily index of the subject lines of all
               the messages of the day.  You must then retrieve the
               messages you want to read by sending "get" commands to the
               server (see the last section below), or using the web
               nomail - Receive no mail.  Use this type when you want to
               access the forum via the newsgroup or web interface.
         To set your membership type send the appropriate command to the
               set jpsoft_support mail
               set jpsoft_support digest
               set jpsoft_support index
               set jpsoft_support nomail
         The default type is "mail".
      Forum Passwords
         You may assign yourself a password when you join the forum, or
         add one later (see the server commands section below).
         The advantage of using a password is that (barring successful
         hacking) no one else will be able to change your forum settings
         via the web interface.
         The disadvantage is that you must remember the password for forum
         access via the web interface, and in some cases when using a news
      Newsgroup Access
         This is the method we recommend, as it gives you the best control
         over which messages you read, and gives you the ability to see
         the "thread" (message hierarchy) for each topic.
         If you are currently receiving the forum messages via email, and
         you want change and read them via the newsgroup instead, set your
         membership type to "nomail" as described above.
         The support forum is accessible from any news reader, including a
         news-capable web browser (most current browsers support newsgroup
         access).  If you use a web browser to access the newgroup, use
         the URLs:
           or  nntp://
         If you use news reader software (e.g.  Agent, or Gravity), set
         your software to use the server name:
         Then select the jpsoft_support newsgroup from this server.
         A user name and password is not required to access the server and
         read the newsgroup.  However, you may find that you need to join
         the forum and establish a user name and password in order to post
         messages from your newsreader.  Whether this step is necessary
         depends on your newsreader.  If you find that messages you try to
         post are rejected by Lyris with a response like this:
               Sorry, but Lyris did not find your email address
               "" listed as a member of
         then use the web or email interface (see below) to join the list,
         being sure to select "nomail" status.
         Once you have joined as described above, you may need to enter
         your username (email address) and password (if you chose one when
         joining) into your news reader software in order to access the
         jpsoft_support newsgroup.
         If you use Forte's Agent or Free Agent and need information on
         how to set up your software for an additional news server, see
         Forte's FAQ page, which as of this writing is at:
         Look for the question "How do I set up Agent for multiple users
         or news servers?"
         The jpsoft_support newsgroup is locally hosted and is available
         ONLY from the server.  It is not part of Usenet
         and cannot be accessed from any other news server.  Cross-posting
         and redistribution of Forum contents in any form are specifically
         When you connect to the server your software may also show you a
         list of other newsgroups hosted by  These
         newsgroups belong to other customers and are not
         related to JP Software in any way.
      Web Access
         Web access allows you to use a web browser with news support
         (most current browsers offer this) to access the forum.  To do
         so, use this URL:
         From this screen you can:
               * Log in as an existing member
               * Join the forum
               * Visit without joining,
         Once you have chosen one of these options you can read and post
         messages using the appropriate buttons on the web forms.  In
         addition, if you are logged in as a member you can change your
         forum options.
         If you are currently receiving the forum messages via email, and
         you want to stop receiving the email and read messages via the
         web interface instead, send this command to the server:
               set jpsoft_support nomail
      Email Access
         With email access all messages posted to the forum are
         automatically sent to your mailbox.  The way you receive the
         messages depends on your membership type (mail, digest, or
         index).  See the section on membership types above for details.
         To post a message, send email to the forum address:
         (Do NOT send server commands to this address.  It is only for
         posting actual substantive messages to the forum.)
         When you send a reply to a forum message the reply will normally
         go to the forum as well.  If you wish to reply privately, use the
         appropriate options in your email software to reply to the "From"
         address in the original message, instead of the "Reply-to"
      Server Commands
         In order to send commands to Lyris, the server software which
         controls our forum, send email to:
         The subject of your message should be left blank, and any
         standard signature you use should be disabled (or use the "end"
         command explained below).  In the body of the message include
         your commands, one per line.
         Except when subscribing or unsubscribing, your command must be
         sent from the email address at which you joined the forum.
         Commands from other addresses will be rejected.
         Many of the server commands explained here are equivalent to
         options available form the web interface described above.
         The server commands are:
               Subscribe the sender to the forum.  The format is simply:
                     subscribe jpsoft_support your name
               For example:
                     subscribe jpsoft_support Mark Zbikowski
               If you want to place a password on your forum options (see
               the section on passwords above), add the "pw=" modifier:
                     subscribe jpsoft_support Mark Zbikowski pw=DOS
               When you subscribe a confirmation message will be sent to
               your email address.  You will not become a member of the
               forum until after you respond to this confirmation request.
               Remove the sender from the forum.  The standard format is:
                     unsubscribe jpsoft_support
               If you are sending the command from a different email
               address than the one you want to remove, use this format:
                     unsubscribe jpsoft_support email-address
               For example:
                     unsubscribe jpsoft_support
               In this case a confirmation message will be sent to the
               address being removed from the forum.  The actual removal
               will not take place until after you respond to theis
               confirmation request.
               [NOTE:  If you receive forum messages in email you can also
               use the instructions at the end of each email message or
               digest to unsubscribe.]
               Change your membership settings.  The format is:
                     set jpsoft_support [option] [option] ...
               You can place as many options on the set line as you wish.
               The available options are:
                     Set the sender's membership type to mail, digest,
                     index, or nomail.  See the Membership Types section
                     above for details.
                     Control whether the sender will receive a
                     confirmation from Lyris of each message posted to the
                     forum (ack), or will not receive such a confirmation
                     (noack).  The default is noack.
                     Control whether the sender will receive copies of
                     their own messages sent to the list (repro), or will
                     not (norepro).  The default is repro.
                     Change the sender's email address.  The text after
                     the email= cannot have any spaces in it.
                     Set or change the sender's forum settings password.
                     If you do not currently have a password only the
                     pw= option is needed.  However if you do have a
                     password you must use oldpw= on the sam eline, but
                     before pw=, or the new password will be rejected.
               This command has two puposes.  The first is to return a
               document created by the forum managers.  The format for
               this is:
                     get jpsoft_support document-name
               For example, to get this document use:
                     get jpsoft_support jp-server
               To retrieve the documents sent when you join or leave the
               forum use one of these commands:
                     get jpsoft_support hello
                     get jpsoft_support goodbye
               The second purpose of get is to retrieve message bodies.
               This is particularly useful if you read the forum in
               "index" mode and want to retrieve a specific message or
               range of messages after reviewing the index.  The format
               for this type of get command is:
                     get jpsoft_support number [number] ...
                 or  get jpsoft_support firstnum-lastnum
               For example:
                     get jpsoft_support 100 105 106 109
                     get jpsoft_support 100-109
               End of Lyris commands.
               Use an end command when your email software appends a
               signature or other text at the end of each message.  Lyris
               will not process any text after the end command.  For
                     subscribe jpsoft_support Mark Zbikowski pw=DOS
                     set jpsoft_support digest
                     -- Signature here --
               Resume a "held" forum member.
               If you access the forum via email and your email address
               has been bouncing email for several days, Lyris will
               normally put your membership on "hold" and stop sending you
               forum messages.
               In such a case, send the "unhold" command and Lyris will
               return your "held" subscriptions back to "normal."
               This command does not require the forum name, and should be
               sent simply as:
               Return an email message with your forum membership
               settings.  The format is:
                     query jpsoft_support
      Copyright 2003, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved.  Published by
      JP Software Inc., P.O. Box 328, Chestertown, MD 21620, U.S.A.,
      phone 410-810-8818, fax 410-810-0026.
      Take Command and 4DOS are registered trademarks of JP Software Inc.
      4DOS, 4OS2, and 4NT are JP Software Inc.'s trademarks for its family
      of character-mode command processors.  JP Software,, and
      all JP Software designs and logos are also trademarks of JP Software
      Inc. Other product and company names are trademarks of their
      respective owners.

also available in text/plain format

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