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Thanks to Dave Warren, who provided this webspace, my website is now back online under a new name:


4DOS.INFO (formerly 4XBTM.DE).


The name is the program:

  • 4DOS INFO provides a place of information about 4DOS, the free and very powerful command processor for any flavour of DOS by JP Software and gathers related materials, batches, aliases, functions etc.. If you don't know 4DOS or why you should get it, read "What is 4DOS"..
  • INFO for DOS provides information, links and tools for DOS of any flavour and, in a lesser degree, the 32-bit "DOS"-console of Windows NT/XP.

Please see the Updates page first. This is the place to start, wether you were already a guest on my pages or not.  Here you'll find what's new on my site and which batches, links and other material I've found recently.




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Here's a short explanation what to expect on these pages:

  • The 4DOS sources, both the original 7.50 sources as set free by Rex Conn and the patches to create current version 8.00, created by Luchezar Georgiev.

  • My collection of most 4DOS versions, to help you check out their abilities or maybe replace a lost but registered copy.

  • I have now added collections of old 4NT Versions and 4OS2 Versions for fans of the respective Operating Systems.

  • 4DOS Tips & Tricks are collections of FIDO news containing useful batches, snippets and hints. I collect other useful 4DOS related text material here, too.

  • A collection of Tips & Tricks and 4DOS Docs gives you access to documents and text material about 4DOS you won't find on JP Software's website any more.

  • The 4DOS BatFAQ is my (4DOS) answer to the "vanilla DOS" BATFAQ by Prof. Timo Salmi, in which he voices opinions about 4DOS which I don't share :-) .

  • 4DOS Batches, Aliases, Functions is the place where you find just what it says. I collect here what I deem of "general" interest (meaning: it interests me).

  • B. Schneider�s is the collection of the amazing game batches of Bernd, impressive demonstrations of his creativity and the power of 4DOS.

  • K.Meinhard's is my old 4XBTM V.7 batch collection. It contains about 100 4DOS batches mostly written by myself plus several little useful tools. Please take a look at the Index page for a short description of the batches included or read the respective Help pages.

  • 4DOS-Links is a good place to find other interesting and useful places for 4DOS users.

  • 4DOS-Tools gathers all 4DOS-aware programs I know of, and related files.

INFO for DOS (all versions)

  • DOS-Links: this list is a good place to find other interesting and useful places for every DOS user and batch writer: places to meet, personal web pages, etc.

  • DOS-Alternatives: this page shows different DOS versions, scripting versions, batch compilers, interfaces etc.

  • DOS-Drivers steers you to drivers and hardware-related tools, utilities and help for DOS

  • DOS-Tools: gathers what I judge are the best tools for enhancing your DOS system and command line: essential helpers, drivers, TSRs, ...

  • DOS-Programs: games, programs...

  • DOS-Gems: everything that doesn't fit above but is of interest in relation to DOS and batching.


  • The Search Engines page allows you to search my site for keywords, to be reminded of updates, and lists my personal view of the most useful search engines. Many of these helped me to find the material for these pages.

  • If you like these pages, I would appreciate a short  Email.

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