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What is 4DOS


4DOS is a replacement for command.com, the command processor included in most versions of DOS, far more powerful and flexible, however, than this feeble program. After many years of being commercially successful, 4DOS is now made available for free by its author, Rex Conn of JP Software, at their Downloads Page. It's officially unsupported, though the support forum will generally try to answer your questions.


Here is a text quoted from the BMTmicro website that describes some 4DOS features :


If you've ever been frustrated by the limitations of standard "DOS commands", then 4DOS is the one command line tool you truly need. By adding a wide array of features that DOS omitted, 4DOS makes the command line easy to use, giving you more power and flexibility than you ever imagined. 4DOS replaces the DOS command processor, COMMAND.COM -- the brains behind your "C:\>" prompt.


4DOS adds features such as shorthand "aliases" for commonly used commands, a pop-up directory history window, and the ability to copy, move, delete, or list multiple files with a single command. Simple command-line editing, history, and recall eliminates extra keystrokes, and the FIND command can quickly locate files or text within a file anywhere on your system.


Batch file users will be amazed at the power and speed 4DOS adds to the DOS batch processor with sophisticated new batch commands. Enhanced batch files can fix annoying quirks, leaving a smooth, elegant environment designed to meet your needs and preferences.

Command Line Features:

  • Modify and re-execute previous commands with a powerful command line editor.
  • Copy, delete, and rename groups of files and directories, not just individual ones.
  • Change the drive and directory in a single command. Extended Directory Searches allow you to change to a directory anywhere on your system by entering only part of its name.
  • Quickly locate files or text within files anywhere on your system.
  • Built-in file viewer includes scrolling, search, and print capabilities.
  • Select or exclude files by date, time, size, and/or extended wildcards for extraordinary flexibility in file management.
  • Redefine commands, create new commands for your regular tasks, even assign frequently used commands to a single keystroke.
  • Offers complete configuration adjustment in all products, either through interactive dialogs or on the command line.
  • File descriptions up to 511 characters long provide information that can't fit in a filename.

Batch File Features:

  • Improved batch language includes subroutines, IF/THEN/ELSE logic, SWITCH, exception handling, and more than 60 internal commands.
  • High-speed batch files run 2-10 times faster than under COMMAND.COM.
  • Full-loop control, error handling, and single step operation for debugging. The new batch file debugger can execute each line step by step, process or trace into additional batch files, and display variables, aliases, and expanded commands at each step.
  • Box and line drawing capabilities and colorized text displays simplify creation of menus and screens.
  • More than 60 built-in variables include system configuration, device status, network drive detection, and free memory and disk space.
  • More than 90 variable functions assist with manipulation and display of strings, characters, numbers, date and time, file names, etc.


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