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4DOS Product History


The following text is lifted from JP Software's older website pages. For the time being I have removed all links, which were mostly no longer valid anyway. Perhaps some time I'll try to recreate the "what's new" from the files in my collection.


JP Software's text


Note: the following references point to the README.* and UPDAT*.DOC files provided with various versions and revisions of this product reproduced here verbatim. The contents are not necessarily all relevant to the current product.

  • 4DOS 7.01A: (21-Dec-01) what's new since version 7.00
    • 7.01 Revision A: (21-Dec-01)
  • 4DOS 7.00A: (18-jun-01) what's new since version 6.x
    • 7.00 Revision A: (18-Jun-01)
  • 4DOS 6.02B: (12-Apr-99) what's new since version 6.01
    • 6.02 Revision B: (12-Apr-99) patch from revision A
    • 6.02 Revision A: (29-Mar-99)
  • 4DOS 6.01A: (02-Feb-98) what's new since version 6.00
    • 6.01 Revision A: (02-Feb-98)
  • 4DOS 6.01PR: (time-limited pre-release 09-Jan-98 to 15-Feb-98) see version 6.01
  • 4DOS 6.00B: (30-Jul-97) what's new since version 5.52
  • 4DOS 6.00A: (23-Jul-97)
    • 6.00 Revision A: (23-Jul-97)
  • 4DOS 5.95: (time-limited pre-release 25-May-97 to 31-Jul-97) see version 6.00
  • 4DOS 5.52: (17-Apr-96) what's new since version 5.51
  • 4DOS 5.51: (17-Oct-95) what's new since version 5.50
    • 5.51 Revision B: (17-Oct-95) changes from revision A build 44
    • 5.51 Revision A build 44: (28-Aug-95) changes from build 43
  • 4DOS 5.50: (12-Oct-94) what's new since version 5.00
    • 5.50 Revision C: (20-Dec-94) changes from revision B
    • 5.50 Revision B: (19-Oct-94) changes from revision A
  • 4DOS 5.00: (23-Nov-93) what's new since version 4
    • 5.00 Revision F: (31-May-94) changes from revision E
    • 5.00 Revision E: (04-Apr-94) changes from revision D
    • 5.00 Revision D: (08-Feb-94) changes from revision C
    • 5.00 Revision C: (16-Dec-93) changes from revision B
    • 5.00 Revision B: (30-Nov-93) changes from revision A

  • 4DOS 4.00 - 4.02b:  what's new since version 3
  • 4DOS 3.00 - 3.03 :  what's new since version 2
  • 4DOS 2.00 - 2.21 :  what's new in version 2


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